Throughout Mark's career he has always enjoyed playing with different bands. Mark started in bands and now he is enjoying getting back to working with others in the downtime between tours. Below are some of the many collaborations Mark has been involved with.

Winslow 1972 Kevin Hogg,Victor Zadro, Barry Raftis, Dana Morostega

Below Winslow at Jam Sandwich GCVI 1972 (We Killed that Night!)

Johnny Gargano and Sound Exchange 1975-1976

Miles (On Trooper Tour) 1979 "Yes that Keyboard is in my teeth"

Ashiba 1980

Douglas Roy  1981

Ronnie and The Bag Boys With Amos Garret, Hugh Hancock, Greg Godovich, Kelly Jay and Ronnie Marra  1999

Radio Active (Edmonton) 2015  (I am dressed as the Ebola Virus)


Fat City     Me, Gary Alcock, Chris, Lori Alcock 2017